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    Visa Schengen C

    If you intend to spend 90 days or less on Polish territory or in another Schengen country (either continuously or in intervals) during the half-a-year time period since the date of your first arrival, or if you're passing through Schengen country territory by means of car, train, plane etc., then you need to apply for a Schengen C visa. A full Schengen C visa allows the user to spend time in any Schengen country. A limited Schengen visa allows the user to spend time only in the country/countries, where it is accepted. (The C-type visa valid only in Poland or with the exclusion of a specific Schengen country.)


    National visa D

    If you intend to spend more than 90 days (at least 91 days) on Polish territory (either continuously or in intervals) in the half-a-year period since the date of first arrival, you must apply for the country visa D.

    The country visa (D) permits for:

    -being in Polish territory for the duration of your stay and/or for the duration period the visa was issued for;

    -as well as being able to travel in the other Schengen countries for up to three months during the specified half-a-year period.


    Transit airport visa A

    If you intend to travel by plane from one country to another and the flight path includes landing on an airport located within the Schengen area (on Polish territory), and if:

    (1) You don't intend to leave the international transit area of the airport


    (2) You have the citizenship of: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Congo Democratic Republic, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan or Sri Lanka,

    then you must apply for a transit airport visa A.


    In case of a planned transit on an airport located in the area of a Schengen country other than Poland we suggest asking the consulate of the relevant Schengen country for obtaining the airport visa.The transit airport visa A allows only for entering and staying in the international transit area. It does not permit leaving that area or entering Schengen territory in any other means.


    How much time can I spend in Polish/Schengen territory with a C or D visa type?


    Foreigners can be on Polish territory (country visas D) or on Schengen territory (full C visas) for the time period specified in the visa ("allotted time", marked by numbers) while the visa is valid ("visa valid from... until..., marked by dates). Departure from Poland or the Schengen area must occur before or on the day the visa expires ("valid until..."), regardless of how much time the foreigners actually used out of the allotted time period.


    Which Schengen country's consul is the correct one to approve/reject a Schengen visa application?


    The correct consul is always the consul of the Schengen country which is the main purpose of your visit. If you have no intention of visiting Poland, you may not apply to the Polish consulate for a Schengen visa. If you plan to visit several Schengen countries, then the Polish consul is the correct person to consider your visa application only if visiting Poland is the main reason for entering the Schengen area, or if your stay in Poland will be the longest.


    How to apply for the legalization?


    Firstly, please note that all Chinese documents should be certified by provincial or municipal FAO. This step is necessary, otherwise legalization cannot be made.

    Secondly, the appointment for legalization in the Consulate are made thought e-Consulate website  (choose: English language, Chengdu and than: Legal matters, than continue, than choose the date). You need to print reservation of appointment and bring it with you on the date of appointment.  The legalization service is offered only in date specified on e-Consulate website:



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