• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland


    Key economic indicators:


    • Population: over 38 mln, 50% citizens under the age of 38
    • GDP growth in 2017: 4.6,6%
    • GDP per capita: 68% of the EU average
    • Inflation: 2.0% (at the end of 2017)
    • Unemployment rate: 6,6% (at the end of 2017) (16 mln are professionally active, 8,8 mln in service sector)

    Why Poland?


    • Perfect place for investment and business expansion (EY’s European Attractiveness Survey 2017 implies Poland as the 1st most attractive FDI destination in CEE and 5th most attractive in Europe).
    • According to UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2014 Poland in 2016th should be 5th in Europe and world’s 13th most attractive economy.
    • Newly created jobs rank Poland on the third place on the continent after UK and France.
    • Poland was also No.1 destination among all CEE countries in terms of R&D projects, driven essentially by international software companies. Many international R&D companies set their centres in Poland (in IT, automotive, BPO, aviation, chemical, electronic, metal and machine industry, nanotechnology)
    • Membership in the EU gives us access to huge market and EU funds (over EUR 102 bn in 2007-2013 and over EUR 82.5 bn confirmed in 2014-2020)
    • We have highly qualified, hardworking and ambitious workforce. Bilingual young people contributed greatly to the blossoming of finance centres or shared-services centres, servicing activities in other countries.
    • Innovation is important field of science. Poles continue to make a big contribution to the development of technology.
    • There are 14 special economic zones that offer investors incentives as tax exemption, sites fully prepared for development, free assistance in dealing with local formalities.
    • Electronics, mechanical and transport equipment, steel and base metals, plastic, rubber and chemical products, food products (meat, dietary products), furniture, white goods.
    • We have great experience from past 25 years in successful “green” transformation. We can be proud of our achievements in environment protection and technologies of renewable sources of energy.
    • Also medical equipment, cosmetics, IT/IC, biotechnology and pharmaceutics are the flagships of our economy. Poland has a lot to offer with regard to spa and health care services as well as educational opportunities provided by our universities. 
    • Our biggest agricultural exports are meat (beef, pork and poultry), bread and pastries, sweets, fruits, dairy products and chocolate. The fastest growing export are butter, eggs and confectionery.

    More information could be read in a booklet prepared by the Ministry of Economy.

    Source: PAIIZ

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